Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Week 12 Waiver Wire and Flier's

Waiver Wire


Matt Leinart (Second Listing) – Andre Johnson is back to practicing fully and there isn’t a QB out there for a back up spot on your roster with more upside. Remember those games with Arian Foster having 100 yards receiving? Well Andre is back now and that along with QB roll outs to Arian sets up a nice upside. Houston isn’t exactly in the toughest division so those games are down the line during playoff time.

Matt Moore – Miami’s qb has been on quite a roll lately. He has a great #1 WR in Marshall, a good pass catching back in Reggie Bush and a very serviceable TE in Fasano. While you’re probably not considering starting Moore right now, his upcoming schedule does offer spot starts for a QB needy team in a deeper league or injury insurance for a playoff run; Oakland wk 13, Buffalo wk 15 and New England wk 16.


Obvious names here are Kevin Smith and Toby Gerhardt.

Ryan Grant – With Starks likely out on this short week with a knee sprain; consider Grant a likely candidate for 15 touches. While he isn’t counted on for 3rd down work and even Starks missed out on goal line carries to Kuhn and last week Raji. In a tough spot or in deeper leagues, Grant could be serviceable in a flex or RB3 position.

Montario Hardesty – Hardesty was the man when Hillis initially got hurt. Now coming off a calf injury he is surely to be the more trusted back especially on 3rd down. Check practice reports but with Hardesty expected back much sooner than Hillis, Hardesty provides the upside to be a RB3 in PPR or flex play in standard deep leagues. Ogbonnaya has come on of late, but he was a free agent signing and likely owned.


Nate Burleson – Happy Turkey Day from Nate Burleson. In a potential shootout against a secondary that gives up tons of yards; and in an offense that is in the shotgun 75% of the time – Burleson may keep you from falling asleep on the couch. Burleson, this week; has high WR3 value that may flirt with low WR2 value with a lot of attention being drawn to CJ.

Santana Moss – Perhaps he was discarded long ago with his fractured hand and left to collect dust at the bottom of your waiver wire. I just scooped him up in a 14 team league. Santana offers WR3 value with Rex at QB and when the matchup is right he can flirt with WR2 value, especially in PPR formats. He can and will be quite serviceable to a playoff run.


Kevin Boss – When Oakland lost Zach Miller to free agency, they went after the next best thing on the market; Kevin Boss. With Carson Palmer and an elite running game Boss has been coming on of late as a chain mover. He’s done more the last two weeks than he has all season, so perhaps things are looking up.


CJ Spiller – What if Fred Jax misses this week? Donald Jones is out 3-6 weeks so David Nelson moves out wide and Spiller into slot at least.

Donald Brown – Led Indy in carries before bye and gets a defense last in the league against the run this week(Car). Brown also has value as a 3rd down back, especially if Addai is out again.

Titus Young – Shoot out against Packers this week and this slot receiver could benefit greatly.