Friday, April 19, 2013

Streaming with Joe Flacco

via Getty Images via forbes

With the release of the 2013 NFL schedule, it’s never too early to go streaming. While it’s often popular to stream defenses and even tight ends, there’s one QB who screams for streaming. Last year, Joe Flacco’s home and away games were polar opposites. Below are his numbers split by home and away along with per game stats. Flacco is almost twice as good at home as he is on the road. At home he throws 100+ yards more per game at close to 300 yards/gm, double the TD’s and yet the same number of interceptions.

So if you want to take advantage of drafting Flacco and utilizing him for his home games this year, which QB might be out there to stream with or who else, could you draft late and plug and play.  I took a look at the Top 10 most generous defenses from last year that gave up the most fantasy points to QB’s (sans Kansas City Chiefs whom should be much better on the back end this year) and seeing who matches up with them on Flacco’s upcoming 2013 road games and bye week.



As you can see my preferred (green) strategy would be to pair up Flacco with Vick.  Vick’s stock is in the gutter and you can get him long after you’ve secured all your starters and quality depth.  Flacco opens on the road week 1 while Vick will be the healthiest he’ll be all year. From that week on, each week that Flacco is on the road or on bye, Vick faces one of those 10 most generous defenses except week 4 and 7. However Flacco is on the road at Buffalo week 4 and they gave up the 5th most fantasy points to QB’s last year. Not only does Vick and Flacco afford you the home away flexibility, if Vick returns to form with his new Chip Kelly offense, you might have lightning in a bottle based on where you can draft him.

If you are unable to secure both Vick and Flacco I offer some other options for pure streaming with Flacco highlighted in yellow (2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th options) and red (yikes).