Sunday, February 1, 2015

numberFire LIVE

Launching on Super Bowl Sunday, nf Live will have all the traditional features, such as play-by-play game tracking, drive summaries and game stats for teams and players, but will take it even further, to make you the smartest fan you can be:
  • Win Probability: What are the chances of your team winning after each play?
  • Drive Outcome: Is the team with the ball most likely to score a Touchdown? Make a Field Goal? Punt?
  • Expected Points: How many points will a team score on this drive?
  • Man of the Match: Which player has had the greatest impact on his team? Should be named MVP?
nF Live will all update in real time on desktop, tablet, and mobile (via our app or mobile web), so everyone can follow along with the Super Bowl on any device, in any setting. Each individual aspect of numberFire Live will be clickable and shareable, in real time, with extreme ease.